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Monmouth County Scoliosis and Spinal Rehabilitation Center

Experts in Scoliosis Care and Posture Correction in Hazlet, NJ


    What is Scoliosis?

    Normally, the spine has a distinct “S” curve when viewed from the side and appears straight when viewed from the back.

    Scoliosis is a progressive condition, characterized by lateral movement of the spine. It compromises the spine’s stability and integrity, causing everything from nerve compression, to posture problems, to altered biomechanics. If left untreated, symptoms caused by scoliosis can become severe and debilitating.

    Stop Suffering.
    We Can Help

    • Scoliosis
    • Poor Posture
    • Spinal Degeneration
    • Disc Herniation
    • Back / Neck Pain
    • Headaches / Migraines

    Airport Plaza Spine and Wellness takes a conservative approach to treating abnormal curves of the spine. We use non-invasive treatment options, such as specific Mirror Image Exercises and the ScoliBrace system. Both are effective, revolutionary approaches to correcting misaligned spinal curvature among children and adults alike.

    We take pride in what we do. Not only are we helping patients avoid surgery, regain their posture, reverse disc damage, and eliminate pain and discomfort, but more importantly we’re giving them a better future.

    Scoliosis Treatment
    Scoliosis Treatment

    Scoliosis Treatment

    Our non-invasive treatments for correcting and managing scoliosis, bracing is a proven, effective option. At Airport Plaza Spine and Wellness, we stand behind a revolutionary approach to bracing with an exceptional body of results.

    Scoliosis is a three-dimensional disorder and requires a three-dimensional solution. Bracing satisfies this demand by providing comprehensive support and corrective guidance to misaligned spinal curvature.

    Best of all, our treatments can be specifically tailored to the individual case for optimal results.

    Our Approach

    Here’s how the process works:

    For qualifying patients, a custom 3D brace will be designed. This process starts by scanning the patient using a three-dimensional software program and digital x-rays for precise curve measurements needed for their spinal correction.

    The final brace is then created by a dedicated team of designers. Trained physicians will fit the patient in their brace and make any final adjustments needed.



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    Personalized Treatment

    What makes a quality chiropractor? At Airport Plaza Spine and Wellness, we believe it is a combination of knowledge, skill and great customer service.


    Licensed Therapists

    Our expert care has helped thousands of people find lasting relief from back and neck pain, work and sports injuries, joint conditions and much more.


    Experience Staff

    Our staff will create a personalized care plan while providing the various treatments for long-lasting recovery time. We love what we do.


    Comfortable Clinic

    Our premier chiropractor clinic provides pain relief and wellness without the use of medication or surgery.


    Practitioners Network

    Our comprehensive approach allows patients to participate in a complete treatment and program networks.


    Therapy Goals

    Our goal is to treat the whole person and not just their symptoms and to provide the best care for each patient.

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    PATIENT Reviews

    "The staff at Airport Plaza spine & Wellness is prefessional, curtious and friendly. They are very personable and attend to your needs. The experience here is excellent and I have improved greatly with their help. I am so glad I have them taking care of my issue. I would highly recommend you visit then first. They don't disappoint and you will be glad you visited them."

    Frank Carney

    "I did not recognize the office. What great changes. Renovated and now very state of the art. I now receive a lot more services on each visit then ever before. Nice clean place and pleasant friendly people. Dr. Jose, Dr. Drew, and Jason are very up to date and organized. Most of all they were awesome and compassionate towards my mom."

    Len Sorrentino

    "Very profession , clean, and caring staff! This is a very updated office I have benefited a great deal and have much improved now. I had been a patient here for a few years. I am very happy for the new team with all the updated changes. I highly recommend these Doctors it for anyone with lower back, shoulder, knee, or any body pain."

    Mike Thompson


    We offer the following medical and PAIN MANAGEMENT TREATMENTS

    Our offices can discuss your rights and options. Our team of skilled physicians has served thousands of patients who have been injured from auto accidents. Call or email NOW to schedule a consultation with our team.
    knee pain


    Spinal Epidural Injections

    Back and Neck pain can be the result of a number of different issues. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

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    Trigger Point Injections

    Trigger Points are hyperirritable spots in tight bands of muscles that may feel like a “knot” that is often associated with soreness and tenderness.

    knee pain


    Pain Management

    At Airport Plaza Spine and Wellness, we combine a multidisciplinary approach with compassionate care to specialize in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

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    Migraine Treatments

    Our innovative Migraine treatments are beneficial for reducing pain, headaches, mild and chronic migraines attacks and spasms.

    knee pain



    Cryotherapy makes physical therapy and manipulation more comfortable, and enhanced natural inflammatory response increases the rate of recovery.
    knee pain


    Peripheral Nerve Block

    Nerve pain can be disabling and difficult to control using medications. Chronic nerve pain may be caused by injury, health conditions, or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

    Most Major Insurances Accepted. Call for more information or book an apointment online.

    * We do not participate in Medicaid plans.

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